Best discount codes at HobbyLoot!

Best discount codes at HobbyLoot!

BY : Mark Polunin

It is no secret that we have an ongoing deal that all keycaps are 20% off with a purchase of a keyboard, and It has been one of the most used codes on the site. In fact, about 20 orders have used this code so far and it has only been 2 days since we have released it!

Well, we have good news for you all, HobbyLoot is pleased to annouce another discount code opportunity, the creator code. Creator codes are assigned to influencers and content creators that promote our website! Here is one of the channels that has their creator code:

If you watched Lunin's video you can find his creator code and save 5% on all items in our store! That's right, keyboards, keycaps, pens, mouspads, you name it!

Although keep in mind, codes cannot be mixed together, so find out which code will save you the most! Or, use the creator code regardless to help out your favorite creators!